Real World Evidence is a methodology pioneered by Orbital Research that can obtain high-grade clinical research in a fraction of the time and price of a full-scale clinical trial.

How does Orbital Media’s Medical Real World Evidence method work?

The Real World Evidence process works by asking users in the real world academically supported questions on a digital platform. The users are recruited from various digital sources within the brands digital ecosystem.

On completion of the data collection process, just as in a clinical trial, the study findings are published within relevant medical journals, where they are academically peer reviewed. We can then explore how to use the data – whether it be presentation as research to a regulator or to support a new product claim.

Who is Real World Evidence best suited to?

Digital Real World Evidence is best suited to consumer healthcare brands and services, and in particular, medically licensed Over The Counter products. It is also suited to medical devices, food supplements, and to any situation where a large amount of high-grade clinical level data is needed quickly (such as in a wider academic study on the effects of illness or injuries on the wider population).

Where does Real World Evidence data come from?

The data for these studies comes from existing users of a product, who voluntarily answer questions on a bespoke platform. As required by the medical protocol for our studies, we are upfront to users as to why we are running the study and we explain to them how this data is used. All data collected is anonymous and cannot be tracked back to an individual. We do not “mine” data through user’s social profiles, collect personal information or rack up data collected through user online tracking.

How much does a RWE study cost?

Orbital Research’s Real World Evidence methodology offers a cost-saving alternative to clinical trials (RCTs) as a way of gathering high-grade medical insight data – typically at less than 10% of the costs of these trials.

What are the advantages of the Real World Evidence method?

Aside from being a far cheaper cost than a clinical trial, this method also has several other significant advantages:

  • Data is collected on a large scale, enabling detailed / granular analysis without the need for a full research audit
  • Studies can be conducted into areas where conventional healthcare research is not possible, or difficult
  • The data collection process is not governed by standard clinical trial regulations, offering greater control
  • Our studies are often completed in just 6-9 months.

How long does a digital Real World Evidence project take?

From initial discussions, through to project completion can take between 6-12 months, but this is dependent upon many factors established early on in the project process.

Do I have to publish the results like with a clinical trial (RCT)?

No. Unlike a clinical trial (RCT), with our digital RWE methodology the results do not need to be published in most jurisdictions if you don’t wish them to be.

Do your digital RWE projects have any other uses other than generating new claims?

Absolutely. Our studies are massively insightful for obtaining high level clinical data for any reason that you may need it. It can be used, for example, as supplementary data to a regulatory request.

Why do products need to make new claims?

In an ever-competitive market, brand managers need every edge. New product claims can not only revitalise a brand and help it to remain current in the consumers eyes, but additionally provide a healthy, competitive edge that can be shared across all marketing materials, be it above or below the line.

Can you guarantee success in generating new claims?

Nothing can ever be guaranteed, however our experience and knowledge will help us define likely outcomes at an early stage of the study.

What if my brand doesn’t have social media channels, can you still complete the study?

We have a range of strategies for collecting your customer’s data that don’t necessarily involve social media channels.

“Orbital Research are recognised as the number one world leading experts in Digital Real World Evidence”

- AESGP Conference

Case Studies

90-year-old superbrand, Sudocrem, wanted to reaffirm its place in the market as the No.1 nappy rash brand, but without the cost and time restraints of a new RCT.

Orbital and its partners designed a study that achieved this in just 6 months and at a fraction of the cost of a RCT. 10x new claims were generated around the product’s ability to heal nappy rash.

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New Claims

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Whilst being the UK’s leading Infant Colic treatment, Infacol was being challenged for market share from emerging and existing alternatives. What’s more, the brand was undergoing a total refresh and some new product claims could add weight to this investment.

Orbital and its partners created a study that achieved x10 new claims around its treatment of infant colic, and in just 6 months. This was something the brand had never been able to achieve in its 35-year history. The ICORE claims now lie central to the brands marketing, and Infacol has seen sales surge, as well as increase online positive sentiment.

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New Claims

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