Benefits of our process for wider sources of recruitment for diverse cohorts


Reduced cost for recruitment


Faster recruitment times


Multinational and multi-language deployment


Integrated Orbital pre-screening

Our four-phase programme provides a truly unique approach to RCT recruitment:

Phase 1 - Strategy

Our exploratory strategy phase incorporates a deep-dive into demographic research and sets the tone for a meticulous recruitment drive. Our specialised team explores age groups, digital usage, platform use and a range of other key preparatory details. Once our targets are identified, we deploy our industry-leading methodologies to ensure swift and tangible recruitment returns.

Phase 2 - Digital outreach and engagement

Strategy is poured into an industry-leading digital asset generation programme, designed to achieve leading cost-per-click results, the highest conversion rates and highly targeted recruitment leads. Estimated to be 3-6 months per deployment, our dedicated team provide an always-on digital marketing approach, giving your team marketing and promotional insights on a weekly basis throughout each project. Our digital activity then delivers a point of difference, guiding users not to a simple sign up form but a dedicated and bespoke screening platform.

Phase 3 - Digital screening

  • A key market differentiator is our bespoke digital screening plaform, vetting users between our advertising and before contact with RCT clinical teams.
  • Users are incentivised to participate in a pre-trial questionnaire to assess their suitability. The ability to comprehend user suitability at this stage enhances the overall recruitment process and minimises precious clinical team, typically in-person, screening time.
  • Extensive understanding of user experience and data collection delivers unrivalled completion rates for maximum project returns.
  • Orbital's innovation within digital and Pharmacovigilance also ensures that all data screening is regulatory aligned for the ultimate peace of mind.

Phase 4 - Secure data handover

Once data has been secured within our digital screening platform, in alignment with our Cyber Essentials level of data security, it's time for a secure delivery of data to clinical trial recruitment teams.

Sensitive data is secured within a physical, encrypted digital hard-drive and couriered to clinical trial recruitment teams, allowing for them to establish the next phase of the study.

“Orbital Research are recognised as the number one world-leading experts in Digital Real World Evidence”

- AESGP Conference