Impact of weak claims

Many medicines and medical devices suffer from a lack of evidence, or a weak body of evidence, to support claims surrounding products. Traditionally, research for claims has been carried out through clinical trials, which places a huge financial burden on pharmaceutical companies.

Clinical trials monopolise 59% of the total budget when it comes to new drug development, with a high risk of not achieving needed results within the timeframe, budget or not recruiting enough participants as this approach is incredibly intensive for participants.

Pharmaceutical companies have historically seen many products with weak evidence for claims being unable to support those claims and seeing them undermined or lost altogether. It can be an impossible task to carry out expensive, time-intensive clinical trials to support or expand upon these claims.

Efficacy may be called into question, or timescale claims, or there may not be enough evidence to support claims for both new products and those that have been in the marketplace for a long time, leading to opportunities to highlight unique or important elements of a product being missed. Without remedy, this can have a significant impact on sales and distribution within pharmaceutical companies' catalogues.

Orbital's solution

Orbital Research are world-leading experts in Digital Real World Evidence, and have pioneered a unique clinical research methodology in order to offer a cost-effective and time-saving solution to claims strengthening and generation.

With clinical trials taking up to 15 years or more to complete, with two thirds of trials never making it to the third testing phase, Digital RWE has the ability to provide more reliable, guaranteed results that clinical trials are unable to facilitate.

Where clinical trials present a challenging financial burden, Digital Real World Evidence can generate new claims and provide detailed and robust data for a fraction of the cost.

Our risk-free approach generates authoritative evidence within 6-9 months, with our unique peer-reviewed process lending credibility and validity to the high-quality clinical evidence generated through our approach, minimising the challenges posed by clinical trial.

Our process can be tailored to provide the data you need, when it's needed, at a cost-effective and rapid rate with the highest quality data and support offered.

“Orbital Research are recognised as the number one world-leading experts in Digital Real World Evidence”

- AESGP Conference